Friday, February 3, 2012

UFC 142 CONTESTS: Extremely Belated Confidence Pick and Betting Game Results

By Rich Hansen, MMA Torch Columnist:

So, here?s the thing with New Year?s Resolutions. Nobody REALLY keeps them, you know? And nobody should expect them to be kept either, right? So, if say a chronic procrastinator who is unable to post Confidence Picks and Betting game results in a timely manner makes a resolution to actually post them in a timely manner, one shouldn?t hold me, I mean him, to that expectation. Right? Right?

Oh. Um, OK, I screwed up, again. To make it up to you, I?m sending a copy of Total MMA to the first person to submit a perfect Confidence Picks AND a perfect Betting entry. That?s right, an actual prize. If you can submit an entry where every single bet hits AND where every single Confidence pick is correct, I?ll send you one brand new copy of the best MMA book ever written, Total MMA by Jonathan Snowden. That ought to shut you people up about my procrastinating!

On to the results already, no? In the Confidence Picks game, defending champion Carll Light was unable to defend his title, losing by a meager one point margin to the hottest player going right now, MMA Torch columnist Matt Pelkey. Both Carll and Matt lost on their two, four, and five confidence picks, but the difference was Carll losing ten points on Erick Silva, whereas Matt only lost nine points on Silva. Matt scored 35 out of a possible 55 points in the event which happened seemingly five months ago.

Matt will be defending his newly won title against another veteran player in Avery ?Odin? Clarke. Avery scored 45 points, which was one point more than Stephen Woodall?s 44 point total.

In the Betting game, our reigning champion Avery Clarke slaughtered his challenger Matt Pelkey (Holy d�j� vu, Batman!). Avery?s payout of $1762.61 was $1762.61 more than Matt?s $0 payout. Apparently, betting on Stout, Massenzio, Omigawa, and Prater wasn?t the best way to go.

Avery Clarke will be facing off on Saturday night against the winner of the Betting pool, one Mister Jason Lyon. Jason?s total of $1686.53 illustrates clearly how tough this card was on bettors, as not one player managed to even double their original investment.

UPDATE - 2/1/12

I missed an entry, and of course the entry I missed earned a total of $1884.54. So my apologies to Mark Bunce for missing your entry. You won the pool and you will be challenging against Avery Clarke. Also, apologies to Jason Lyon.


So to set up UFC 143, in a rematch of the UFC 142 Betting Game, new Champion Avery Clarke will face off against Matt Pelkey in the Confidence Picks. And in the Betting Game, our defending Champion Avery Clarke will be trying to defend yet again, this time versus Mark Bunce. Good luck everyone.


Avery Clarke: $1762.61
$325 on Belfort for $628.74
$200 on Gonzaga for $372.41
$200 parlay on Aldo, Barboza, and Belfort for $761.46

Matt Pelkey: $0

Mark Bunce: $1884.54
$400 on Belfort for $773.83
$200 on Tavares for $349.25
$200 parlay on Aldo, Barboza, and Belfort for $761.46


34 people submitted entries for the UFC 142 picks contest. Here?s how those entries broke down

Silva 39
Prater 0

Pyle 38
Funch 1

Palhares 37
Massenzio 2

Stout 34
Tavares 5

Aldo 32
Mendes 7

Alcantara 29
Omigawa 10

Carvalho 29
Arantes 10

Gonzaga 24
Oliveira 15

Barboza 23
Etim 16

Belfort 21
Johnson 18

And now that you know how we picked, here are the results of the Confidence Picks pool:

Avery Clarke 45
Stephen Woodall 44
Andreas Winter 43
Bob Oso 42
Charles Mickael 41
Luke Foster 40
Anthony Sinnott 40
Brad Walker 39
Scott Pipher 39
Jamie Penick 37
Jason Binder 37
Jason Lyon 37
Chris Knight 37
Christopher Moore 36
Lex Potapoff 36
Kevin Seng 36
Rich Race 35
Andrew Arnold 35
Matt Boyce 34
Clay Burley 34
Sam Martin 33
Daniel Moore 33
Jason McKee 33
Samuel Nobile 32
Shaun Louis 31
Brent King 31
Chris McCann 31
Joe Williams 31
Mike Jensen 31
Skarz 30
Casey Vaccaro 29
Rich Hansen 27
Simon Kerry 27
Joel Wielenga 27
Dionicio Ortiz 27
Corry Porter 22
David Moxon 21


Jason Lyon $1,686.53
Bob Oso $1,606.27
Luke Foster $1,464.52
Anthony Sinnott $1,292.48
Samuel Nobile $1,181.39
Christopher Moore $1,148.86
Stephen Woodall $1,146.25
Brad Walker $931.03
Kevin Seng $796.73
Jason Binder $739.68
Charles Mickael $738.01
Jason McKee $713.68
Steven Kaye $570.94
Chris Wallner $564.00
Andrew Arnold $558.62
Simon Kerry $533.41
Sam Martin $483.64
Carll Light $471.68
Chris Knight $372.41
Clay Burley $282.00
Chris McCann $193.46
Rich Race $152.63
Lex Potapoff $93.10
Daniel Moore $71.37
Rich Hansen $0.00
Jamie Penick $0.00
Shaun Louis $0.00
Skarz $0.00
David Moxon $0.00
Brent King $0.00
Corry Porter $0.00
Joe Williams $0.00
Dionicio Ortiz $0.00
Casey Vaccaro $0.00
Mike Jensen $0.00

Performer of the Night: Avery Clarke defended one title, and won the pool for the other game.

Goat of the Night: First off, I was weeks late posting this. Secondly, I laid a goose egg on the bets. Lastly, only 2 people had fewer confidence points than I. Maybe that?s why this was two weeks late?? I suck.


Pedro Rizzo Colin Robinson Ricco Rodriguez Jason Reinhardt Eddy Rolon João Roque Kristian Rothaermel

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