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UFC on FX 1: Guillard Vs. Miller Post Show Notes

By <a href="">Chris Howie</a> <Br>
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer<Br><Br>

The following is a list of quotes from the ?UFC on FUEL TV: Post Fight Show? for UFC On FX: GUILLARD vs. MILLER<Br><Br>

Jay Glazer and Stephan Bonnar hosted the ?UFC on FUEL TV: Post Fight Show,? while Ariel Helwani conducted exclusive post-fight interviews backstage. Here?s a rundown of what was said:<Br><Br>

Stephan Bonnar on Jim Miller?s future: ?He?s probably the number-two contender now. He?s up there. I think he?s about one fight away from the title.?<Br><Br>

Jay Glazer and Stephan Bonnar interview Jim Miller on set: ?It doesn?t happen often, but I got knocked down. Melvin is an animal. Melvin hit me hard, the hardest I?ve ever gotten hit.<Br><Br>

Stephan Bonnar asked Jim Miller if he got the submission of the night: ?Yes, I got the submission of the night.?<Br><Br>

Stephan Bonnar on Melvin Guillard losing to Jim Miller: ?Melvin should learn a lesson and be a little more patient on the ground. Don?t be so anxious. It?s all about not getting submitted.?<Br><Br>

Ariel Helwani asked Melvin Guillard about his fight: ?I think I fought the perfect fight. I knocked him down. He caught my back and it?s ironic because I?ve been working on back escapes. I could tell I hurt him and he didn?t want to be in there with me at one point. I need to work harder on my Jiu-Jitsu. That?s why I?m working with the Blackzilians.?<Br><Br>

Josh Neer about who he wants to fight next: ?I want to just keep moving up and fight a tough guy.? <Br><Br>

Josh Neer about losing his mouthpiece during the fight: ?I didn?t intentionally throw out my mouthpiece. I was still fighting for 30 seconds after that.?<Br><Br>

Jay Glazer and Stephan Bonnar asked Josh Neer about his win: ?He hit me with some good shots and I was able to survive it and come out with a win. I felt my legs wobble a little bit. I was able to get the take down and get the submission. I think my mental game has changed. Try to get on top and defend the takedown a little more. I?m trying to get to the top just like anyone else.?<Br><Br>

Stephan Bonnar on Duane Ludwig losing the fight: ?Duane looked crisp, but he got caught on the ground. Josh Neer is really good on the ground and that was Duane?s mistake.?<Br><Br>

Ariel Helwani interviewed Duane Ludwig on what when wrong: ?I got caught. I just hesitated for a second and he got the choke out. He was getting popped up a little bit and then lost his mouthpiece to get a breather.?<Br><Br>

Stephan Bonnar on Pat Barry beating Christian Morecraft: This is a new Pat Barry, he really showed composure on the ground. He?s just all around improved. <Br><Br>

Jay Glazer and Stephan Bonnar interview Pat Barry about how close he was to getting submitted: ?I would like to tell you that they were not close submissions, but I don?t know.?<Br><Br>

Pat Barry on not finishing fights with submissions: ?I?m not going to cut my hair until I submit someone. I might become Clay Guida.?<Br><Br>

Jay Glazer asked about Pat Barry about hanging out with Christian Morecraft two days before the fight: ?I don?t think that this applies to everyone, but I don?t have to hate you to fight you.?<Br><Br>

Stephan Bonnar on Mike Easton?s win over Jared Papazian: ?This was a great fight. I think it was the fight of the night. I?m really impressed by Jared Papazian, but he didn?t get the win. But with Easton, I was most impressed on his energy and intensity.?<Br><Br>

Ariel Helwani asked Mike Easton on his win over Jared Papazian: ?I knew [Jared] was a tough guy. So why not, let?s just stand toe-to-toe and swing it. We were both scrapping. I think the takedowns and being aggressive helped me get the win. I still have to get better all around. I can only get better.?<Br><Br>

Stephan Bonnar on Jorge Rivera beating Eric Schafer: ?Duane Ludwig and Melvin Guillard should watch this fight. This is a lesson on how to be patient on the ground with a dangerous submission artist on top of you. Jorge Rivera stayed patient and protected himself. He bought his time and finally turned things around with some ground and pound to take Schafer out.?<Br><Br>

Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones on who he wants to fight next: ?I want to fight Rashad. He?s the antagonist of my career.?<Br><Br>

Jon Jones on Dan Henderson: ?He?s a great fighter. I know what he brings to the table and I?ll be ready for him.? <Br><Br>

Jay Glazer asked Jon Jones about the bad blood between him and Rashad Evans: ?There?s no just pumping up pay per views when it comes to me and Rashad. Everything about us disliking each other is true. After we fight each other it?ll all be clear and he can go have a seat somewhere.?<Br><Br>

Stephan Bonnar asked Jon Jones about a super fight with Anderson Silva: ?People do want to see it. My job is to fight the best fighters in the world. If the UFC asks me to do it, I?ll do it.?<Br><Br>

Jon Jones pick on Evans vs. Davis: ?I?m picking Rashad Evans. I?m in his corner.?<Br><Br>

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