Monday, January 2, 2012

Tiana May Carter: Beyonce?s Baby Girl?

Is Tiana May Carter Beyonce?s baby girl? Rumor has it that Bey gave birth to her Bey-Be yesterday! Ok, so the source is ?Twitter? that is totally reliable, right? I mean Tiana is totally a name I can imagine Beyonce giving her baby girl. Folks have gone into overdrive with this baby stuff. First she wasn?t pregnant at all, she was paying a surrogate and taking prednisone to fatten up. Say WHAT?!?!? Now, the rumor is she was knocked up and has rented out half to floor of St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, a private facility in New York. Can you even do that? Lets address the not knocked up rumors first. While this may be believable for some celebs, these pics make me think otherwise. She was about 6 months pregnant at the time, and it shows. She is in great shape and continued working out through her pregnancy. Could she look like this NOT pregnant? I have been on prednisone and it made me gain a ton of weight, and it looked nothing like this. Trust me. As far as renting out half the hospital floor, I don?t know if you can do that, but if the rumors are [...]


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