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Local Scene: American Fighting Organization's New Year?s Redemption Fight Card - Mansfield Massachusetts

By Alvin Benjamin Carter III, MMA Torch Specialist

I am covering the first American Fighting Organization event of the year,AFO: New Year?s Redemption. Tonight's card is coming to you live from the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, Massachusetts, and it features the top professional and amateur talent in the Northeast. There is Fights start at 8pm. Check back as there will be results and select round-by-round coverage.

Fight 1: 125 lbs. Amateur Bout - Shane Decristoforo (Tri-Force/Team United) vs. Mike DeLosReyes (Dexter)

*First names will be used while covering is particular fight.*

Round 1:
The touch gloves and Shane opens with a rear leg kick. Both are testing their range, and Mike lands a jab. Shane throws s a kick and slips ad pops back up. Shane is letting his leg go, but not really connecting. They circle and Shane runs in and pushes Mike to the cage and gets the takedown. Shane is in side control working ground and pound. He ends up in Mike?s guard, and then Mike explodes with a sweep. Mike is working from half guard and Shane gets him in full guard. Mike tries to stack and pass, but Shane is doing more striking from the bottom. Mike starts answering with some body sots and then gives a flurry to the head. Mike backs off and Shane gets up. Mike lunges as Shane gets up, but misses. The bell rings.

Round 2:
Mike takes the center of the cage. Shane shoots and Mike sprawls. They work up and Shane has make on the cage, and they reverse. They go to the ground and Shane has a guillotine, and he rolls Mike. Shane now has him with an arm triangle from side control. He ends up in half guard, and Mike bucks and tosses Shane up. Mike gets up and throws a right as they break. Mike goes for a fierce head kick, but Shane ducks and takes him down. Shane works ground and pound from the guard and the bell rings.

Round 3:
Shane leaps in with a leg kick and pulls back. Then he lands a nice head shot to Mike and shoots in for the take down. Mike is holding Shane in guard. Shane has him on the cage, and he is working to pass guard. There is some ground and pound while Mike holds on. Mike shrimps while Shane is hammer fisting him. Mike reverses and takes his bake and is working a rear naked choke out of nowhere. Shane works and escapes to side control. Shane works hammer fists and some strikes now from guard and the bell rings.

Shane Decristoforo wins via Unanimous Decision - (30 - 27) x2 (29 - 28)

Flyweights have a place in the big show now, and gyms all over will are going to see the lighter guys moving right through the amateur ranks trying so they can hit the pro scene in hopes of reaching the UFC.

Fight 2: 135 lbs. Amateur Bout - Josh Baker vs. Billy Giovanella (Connors)

Round 1:
They touch gloves. Baker opens with a kick and misses. They are finding range, but lick up and break. Baker gets a nice jab in and theny they tie up to the cage. Giovanella lands some knees while Baker is against the cage, but Baker reverses. They are clinched and Baker dumps Giovanella and stands over him landing some shots to the head before going for a rear naked choke. Giovanella shrugs him off. Baker ends up on his back, and he wall walks up. Giovanella has non of tha and slams him back down. Baker gooes for an Americana and Giovanella strikes with his free hand until the bell rings.

Round 2:
Baker whiffs a 1-2, and Giovanella takes the center. They cinch, and exchange knees. Giovanella pressures Baker to the cage and gets him down. Baker gets up and both men walk to the center. Giovanella shoots again and Baker shrugs it off. Baker lands a nice shot to the head and Giovanella staggers back. Giovanella pushes backer back to the cage, and he gets the takedown. Baker is trying to work a guillotine, but no luck. Giovanella is trying to stack and pass. He presses baker to the cage and works ground and pound until the round ends.

Round 3:
They touch gloves and circle. Giovanella takes the center, but no strikes have been thrown. Baker opens up and lunges in to miss a combo. Giovanella then goes. They clench to the cage and Giovanella gets the takedown. A corner man is in my direct line of sight. Between him and the cage door post I thin I see some ground and pound. Baker is trying to work a sub off his back, but Giovanella postures up and rains one down. Baker ties up his arms, and the ref stands them up. Baker moves in and knocks Giovanella mouth guard out with a right, but Baker gets takendwon. Baker is trying to work something from his back, but the bell rings.

Billy Giovanella wins via Unanimous Decision - (30 - 27) x2 (29 - 28)

Fight 3: 145 lbs. Amateur Bout - Brandon Flemming (SSSF) vs. Chris Tier (CNY-MMA)

Flemming opens with a combo. He follows with a kick that is caught by Tier. Tier tries to answer with his hands, but Flemming starts pushing the action and gets Tier to the ground. Fleming is working some hard ground and pound, but Tier gets up and eats one of the way up. Flemming stays on him and gets him back down and works rear naked choke. Tier taps... Quick work folks.

Brandon Flemming wins via Rear Naked Choke - Rd. 1: 2:06

Fight 4: 170lb Bout Sean Boisclair vs. Tim Leary(Redline)

Round 1:

They touch gloves. Leary evades a kick. He lands a fierce body kick to Boisclair ribs. Leary with a leg kick. Boisclair is in the center and goes for a leg kick. He repeats, and then he lands a kick to Leary?s stomach. Leary throws a a left right combo and clinches to the cage. Boisclair reverses and ha Leary on the cage. Leary throws knees and goes for a standing guillotines. Leary pulls guard. Boisclair gets out and stacks. They work up, and a big slam.. The corner man is blocking the action. Leary is on top and works a cross face while he strikes from the top.

Round 2:
Leary with a teep. He forces Boisclair to the cage and sweeps him down. Boisclair tries to roll, but Leary toss his him right back to his back. Leary lands a nice shot from inside guard. Boisclair tries to shirmp, and Leary grabs his legs and tees off. He is over Boisclair landing some big shots, the ref jumps in... thank God.

Tim Leary wins via Knockout - Rd. 2 - 1:56

Brutal ground and pound KO. I am not sure how long this guy will be an amateur.

Fight 5: 225 lbs. Amateur Bout - Erik Gendron (Waikru) vs. Rashid Evans (New Jersey)

Round 1:

They feel each other out and Evans gets a takedown. Gendron sweeps fat and starts to work strikes, but Evans gets up and pushes Gendron to the cage. They break. Evans goes for a jab, and Gendron blocks. Gendron throws a kick and Evans catches and takes him down. Gendron holds him in guard and Evans tries to work ground and pound from the top. Gendron is tying up limbs looking for a submission. he puts on a triangle, but he does not have control of the arm. Evans gets out and starts to strike from the top, but he hit the back of the head and the ref warns as the action continues. The bell rings.

Round 2:
Evans opens with a jab. Both seem a bit tentative. Gendron telegraphs but shoots. He stays on the leg and Evans sprawls. Gendron stays commited, forces him to the cage and gets the takedown. Gendron mounts and Evans holds on tight. Gendron is striking the head from the top, but the ref lets it go as they are not big shots. Evans sweeps and is in Gendron guard. Both of the big guys seem tired. Gendron goes for a kimura, and Evans gets free. Evans lays on top of him until the bell rings.

Round 3:
Both men stand there, and then Evans trows and Gendron shoots. Evans sprawls, and they repeat the pattern again. Evans is trying to work a choke this time, and they both get up and Evans pushes Gendron back. Gendron shoots again, and Evans sprawl this time with his back to the cage. Gendron sweeps and Evans holds on. Gendron is in a half mount. The ref stands them up. Evans walks in with combos. Gendron shoots, and Evans stuffs and lands bod shots. Then he lands a combo to the head. Gendron clinches and lands knees getting him off the cage. He shoots on Evans, and it is stuffed. They work until the bell rings.

Erik Gendron wins via Unanimous Decisions (29-28) x 3

Evans is from New York where MMA is not yet a sanctioned sport... I know. Traveling to another state is a reality for all fighters of all levels, but it must be rough when it is the only way to get fights that count on your record.

Fight 6: 160 lbs. Amateur Bout - Michael Wicks (Koto MMA) vs. Jeremiah Diruzzo (Redline)

Round 1:
They touch gloves. Wicks comes in with jabs, and Diruzzo evades. He throws a kick. He takes Wicks down and is postured up in half guard and is pounding him out. Wicks shrimps and Diruzzorepeats from side control. The shots are big. Diruzzo gets mount and continues to work left-right ground and pound.Wicks tries to push off the cage and Diruzzo is in a half guard mount. Wicks spins and Diruzzo is in north-south, and now side mount. Wicks tries to get from under, but Diruzzo takes his back and slaps on a deep rear naked choke. Wicks tries to defend, but does not have an answer and taps. Another quick one.

Jeremiah Diruzzo wins via Rear Naked Choke - Rd. 1 - 2:38

This guy is a beast. He maintained position through to the fight, broke him down with good shots, and made him tap with the choke.

Fight 7: 165 lbs. Amateur Bout - Cody Planter (CNYMMA) vs. Nate Andrews (Rockstar MMA)

Round 1:
Planter shoots and drives Andrews to the cage. Planter is working for the takedown. They break and exchange knees. Planter clinches and they get to the cage. Andrews is on top of a turtles Planter raining punches. Planter gets up, but Andrews slams him hard. Andrews unloads on him, but Planter gets back up and they are winging wild ones at each other until the clinch again and go down to the mat. Andrews is starts striking and then he gets a guillotine and walks it to a tap. Quick work yet again.

Nate Andrews wins via Guillotine - Rd. 1: 2:32

Watching amateurs can be like watching paint dry, or it can be as exciting as watching NCAA Basketball. It is definitely exciting tonight! Now we shall see what the pros have in store.

Fight 8: 145lbs Pro Bout - Tom Evans(United) vs. Fred Mandracchia

Round 1:
Mandracchia goes in and Evans lands knees and hooks to the head. Mandracchia goes forward and toughs it out. He tries to takes Evans back and he works a choke, give it up, and scrambles. He is the smaller guy by far, but he has dominant position. He is working ground and pound. Evans gets up, and Mandracchia puts on a standing guillotine. Evans gets out and takes Mandracchia down. The ref stops the fight for some kind of fowl. It is hard to see again, now someone has their child on their shoulders. They resume after full five minute break. Evans comes in with a vicious knee and Mandracchia holds on to that leg... this kids got heart... and he pushes Evans to the cage. Mandracchia is still working. Evans has a foot on Mandracchia, you would think he could get him of a little easier. He must have heard me as he started pounding Mandracchia?s ribs. Mandracchia is turtled and Evans is on top of him, then Mandracchia sweeps hard and rolls into a triangle. Evans forces the tap.

Tom Evans wins via Triangle Choke Rd 1: 3:49

Tom ?Captain America? Evans put that triangle on with finesse. Very nice. The announcer just noted that Mandracchia took this fight on short notice.

Fight 9: 170 lbs. Pro Bout -Brandon Chagnon ( Sityodtong) vs. Joe Powers (Dexter)

Round 1:
Chagnon throws a head kick that misses. Powers is pawing his jab, and Chagnon gets a leg kick in. Chagnon goes for a hook and Powers rushes and they lock horns against the cage. They break and feel each other out. Chagnon kicks and Powers catches it and takes Chagnon down. He starts working some ground and pound, but Chagnon closes his guard tight and holds on. Powers can't get much off since his limbs are tied. Powers is trying to slip in an elboow. Chagnon is looking for a submission, but both are not that active. Chagnon is starting to strike from the bottom. Powers is trying to strike from the top, but Chagnon keeps tying up his arms. Chagnon opens his guard like he is going for a sub, but closes it again. Then he goes for the triangle and it and Powers gets up and lets Chagnon up.

Round 2:
Chagnon lands a jab. There is a lot of fainting on both sides here. All exchanges are missing the mark. Chagnon is the more active fighter at the moment, bu still cautious. Chagnon with a leg kick. Another leg kick. Combos are not on the menu tonight for either fighter. Chagnon throws a leg kick and Powers catches and pulls him in, but Chagnon quickly breaks free. Powers puts a jab out and Chagnon counters with a leg kick. Chagnon misses a head kick and Powers resets in the center of the cage. Still no combos from either side, and it seems a flurry would complete fluster either at this point. No strikes are landing as they are both throwing out of range. Chagnon contects with a distant jab. Then a le kick. Chagnon attempts an elbow. Chagnon throws a body kick that is blocked. Chagnon shoots, and Powers defends and they lock until the bell rings.

Round 3:
Powers lands a right to Chagnon stomach, and Chagnon returns the favor with a nice jab. They seem more adventurous this round. Still a lot of fainting, but more combos are being thrown. The crowd is chanting for a knock out, but this is looking like a decision. Chagnon is throwing leg kicks, but not much are on them. Powers lunged for a hard over hand right, but it missed. Action stops for a second as there was a cup shot, but they keep going. Chagnon lands a leg kick and then a combo by powers. They exchange jab-cross combos that connect. Powers goes for a superman and Chagnon evades and now they swinging for the fences. Powers pgets Chagnon to the cage and lands a body shot, and Chagnon answeres back. Now they are throwing with intent, but the bell rings.

Brandon Chagnon wins via Split Decision

Fight 10: 125 lbs. AFO Title Bout - Theo Desjardin vs. Kody Nordby

Round 1:
Nordby goes for a front kick to the face, but Desjardin evades. Nordby Shoots, but Desjardin sprawls and takes him down with a crucifix. Desjardin is on top, but Nordby works the scramble to take Desjardin back and locks in a rear naked choke. It?s on deep. Desjardin went to sleep. WOW!! Nordby is for real! UFC needs flyweights... call this dude!

Kody Nordby wins via Rear Naked Choke - Rd. 1 - 1:56

He gets a mouth guard sponsorship during his post fight interview. Maybe they liked I he hoped right on top of the cage and smiled like he just won a title... wait he did. Great showing.

Fight 11: Heavyweight Title Bout - Randy Smith (CNYMMA)(c) vs. Kym Sturdivant

Round 1:
Smith is coming forward. Sturdivant with a leg kick, but Smith is striking through. They clinch, and Sturdivant works a nice slam takedown. Sturdivantis in half guard and pushes Smith to the cage. Smith is holding on, and Sturdivant works a cross face. Sturdivantthrows a strike, and Smith tries to shrimp, but Sturdivant sinks his hips in and stays on top. Sturdivant stands up to strike, but Smith pulls him back down and keeps in in half guard. Sturdivant is landing some shots, but Smith is surviving. Sturdivant takes Smiths back and Smith rolls. Sturdivant has a hook in, but ends up on tip in half guard again. Sturdivant goes for an elbow that is blocked. The bell rings.

Round 2:
Sturdivant takes the center. Smith goes for flying knee and Sturdivant catches it and takes Smith down. Smith tries to get up, but Sturdivant keeps presusre on him. Smith is sitting against teh cage and elbwing Sturdivant. Sturdivant gets up high and lays on him again. Sturdivant works to side control. They get up and Sturdivant pulls guard but ends up in trouble. Smith mounts him and pounds him out until the ref stops it.

Randy Smith wins via TKO Rd 2

Well that is it folks!! Great night of fights here in New England. Check out

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