Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jon-Olav Einemo?s harrowing trip to UFC on Fox 2

CHICAGO -- While his opponent, Mike Russow, is fighting in his hometown, Jon-Olav Einemo had to travel from his camp in Holland to get to Chicago for Saturday's bout. The trip was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

"I came from the UK, and we were about three or four hours into the flight. We were over the Atlantic Ocean, and it started to smell burnt on the plane," Einemo said. "The stewardess was running around, telling us there was nothing to be worried about. We had to turn back and make an emergency landing in Ireland, then wait there for four hours. It was a long break."

Einemo didn't see any flames shooting from the plane, but said the experience spooked him and the other passengers a bit.

"I was watching a movie, I had my headset on, and I started to smell something. I looked around, looked at the eyes of four other people, but it was OK."

Fighting against Russow, a Chicago police officer, Einemo knows he won't have the crowd on his side. He wore a shirt that read, "Chicago Rum Runners," to Thursday's press conference. Since law enforcement won't be on his side, he joked that he needs to appeal to other fans.

"Not everybody likes the police, so I have to try to get the other ones on my side!"


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