Tuesday, January 3, 2012

?Jersey Shore? Boys Hit the Barber Shop

While their time in Italy was fabulous, the ?Jersey Shore? boys couldn?t wait to get back to the USA for a proper haircut.

In the season five premiere, The Situation, Ronnie, Pauly D, and Vinny all pile into a car and hit up a Seaside Heights barber shop for a grooming session.

Following his round in the barber?s chair, The Situation proclaims, ?We lookin? fabulous right now,? while shellacking his skull with hairspray.

The ?Jersey Shore? Season Five premiere hits MTV?s airwaves at 10pm this Thursday, January 5th, 2012.

Source: http://celebrity-gossip.net/jersey-shore/%E2%80%9Cjersey-shore%E2%80%9D-boys-hit-barber-shop-573358

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