Sunday, January 22, 2012

GSP video: Welterweight champ targeting November return

The sharks are circling in the welterweight division. The target for potential feasting is this November. That's when UFC welterweight champ George St-Pierre is anticipating his return to active fighting.

GSP tore his right ACL in December and underwent surgery shortly after. Several fighters have tried to return from a similar injury too quickly and paid the price.

On this HDNet Inside MMA video, Phil Davis tells St-Pierre to take his time. GSP agreed saying that he suffered the injury by rushing back from a less severe ailment to his left knee.

"Hard training will be in July and fighting again in November, I'd say could come back in November," said St-Pierre.

St-Pierre thinks he'll be fighting before the end of 2012. Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit meet for the interim UFC 170-pound title at UFC 143. But, it's anyone's guess who makes it to November in possession on the interim strap.


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