Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sheree's "Who Gon Check Me Boo?" Single, Talks About Her Children Sleeping On Air Mattresses & Why She Needs Child Support

And another Housewife has turned her talking over a computerized track into a "song."  "RHOA" star Sheree' Whitfield debuted her new single last night on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live."  And it's titled--of course--"Who Gon Check Me Boo?"


Sheree's new song and her answering questions about why her kids are sleeping on air mattresses and that's why she needs child support when you read on....

Check out the single Sheree is selling for 99 cents over at iTunes.  Meanwhile, while she was on Andy's aftershow last night, a caller asked if her kids are lacking the necessities like a proper bed, all because her ex husband Bob won't pay his child support.  Sheree claimed the mattress belonged to her dog and he kicked it around to different rooms.

Interesting that she didn't mention she "bought" a new Porsche and every designer bag and shoe in the stores and is "building" Chateau Sheree from the ground up.  A viewer asked why she buys these things but is requesting child support. Her response:

"This is the ignorant thing that I hate to hear people say," she said to redirect the conversation. "Why are you fighting for child support? First of all, I did not make these kids by myself. We did this together. So I shouldn't have to fight you to be responsible for your kids."

Check the videos:


She also claimed last night she hasn't had a job in years. While no one would say a mother shouldn't demand child support for her children BOTH her and the man made....I'm also pretty sure that in the meantime while she awaits said payment, a mother wouldn't let her children go without while she is living it up. Especially if the mother has the means--at least she acts like she does--to put her kids' immediate needs first. And not her need for a Birkin. Just an observation. Sigh....

Sidenote: Lawrence's FACE?!


Source: http://theybf.com/2011/12/19/sherees-who-gon-check-me-boo-single-talks-about-her-children-sleeping-on-air-mattresses-w

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