Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mark Hominick shocked by ?Korean Zombie? with UFC record tying seven-second KO

Mark Hominick shocked by ?Korean Zombie? with UFC record tying seven-second KOChan Sung Jung said he was a better striker than Mark Hominick. Anyone want to argue?

He was spectacular tonight finishing Hominick in a UFC-record tying seven seconds in the pay-per-view opener at UFC 140 in Toronto. Hominick entered the fight as one of the biggest favorites on the card at minus-465.

Nicknamed "The Korean Zombie" for his reckless style, Jung took advantage of a sloppy Hominick. The Canadian came charging to the middle of the Octagon and winged a wild left hook. Zombie stepped back and launched himself forward with a straight right.

Hominick fell to his back and absorbed four clean shots to the face. His hands dropped to his side. All that came in seven seconds and referee Herb Dean had to save Hominick.

"I gotta give it up to him. I came out a little too wild. I really wanted to hit him with a clean shot. I know he keeps his hands down," Hominick told UFC analyst Joe Rogan. "I got a little too hyped up. You've seen me fight before, I don't fight reckless and I came out with a wild left hook. I just really wanted to get it done tonight."

Hominick has a decorated record as an elite striker and at times outperformed UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo on the feet back in April, but he was way too cocky at the start of this fight. Maybe he wasn't completely focused on the task at hand. You couldn't blame him. Fighting in his home province this was Hominick's first fight back since the tragic loss of his trainer and friend Shawn Tompkins in August. The 37-year-old, who was also the best man at hominick's wedding, passed away in August after suffering a heart attack in his sleep.

After suffering a head kick knockout at the hands of George Roop last September, Korean Zombie was written as too sloppy to be a legitimate contender by many. He sent a loud message tonight as he tied the record for fastest knockout in UFC history set by Todd Duffee against Tim Hague at UFC 102.

Hominick (20-10, 3-2 UFC) appeared to be totally alert during his conversation with Rogan. It was a flash knockdown and he awoken by the final shot thrown by Jung. There is no standing eight count in MMA, so when a fighter is down, takes more abuse and isn't defending himself for even a split second, the referee is obligated to save him.

On a side note, some believe Duane "Bang" Ludwig actually holds the record for fastest UFC knockout. Ludwig knocked out Jonathan Goulet at Ultimate Fight Night 3, but was awarded the official finish at the 0:11 mark.


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