Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Justin Bieber Tweets Encouragement To 'X Factor' Contestant

'Keep your head up,' Bieber wrote to eliminated teen Drew Ryniewicz.
By Gil Kaufman

Justin Bieber
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There was just no consoling weepy 15-year-old "X Factor" contestant Drew Ryniewicz on Thursday night when she was sent home in an double elimination episode. The quirky teen with the fluttery, dramatic voice was in tears for most of the episode and when her time came even usually unflappable mentor Simon Cowell seemed choked up with emotion.

But avowed Belieber Ryniewicz got some serious consolation less than an hour after her run on the show ended when none other than idol add link: Justin Bieber Tweeted out a message of support to the Chino Valley, Arizona high schooler.

"@drewryniewicz keep your head up," Bieber wrote to the fan who showed off her bedroom shrine to the Canadian pop star during her audition episode. "I lost my first competition too. This is just the beginning for u. Never say never. Best wishes." Though the departure from the show hurt — fellow teen rapper Astro was also sent packing — Ryniewicz tried to keep an upbeat attitude, following up Bieber's Tweet with her own message of hope. "Hey thank you for your love!," . "I'll miss the xfactor but have a lot more in stor for you all! Upbeat? Yes."

Because she's a teenage girl who auditioned for the show with an impassioned take on Bieber's "Baby," Drew couldn't help bragging a short time later, "Justin Bieber follows me now!" Good sport that she is, Drew also gave props to the remaining girls on Team Simon, Melanie Amaro and Rachel Crow, while accepting some positive vibes from Astro, remaining contestant Marcus Canty and former "American Idol" contestant Casey Abrams.

One of Cowell's favorites, Ryniewicz was done in by her piano-driven, seated take on Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean," which the show's other judges dinged for being too sleepy. While Cowell said that criticism was "absolute nonsense," fiercely defending his decision to have her sing another ballad — though Drew seemed to have wanted otherwise — on Thursday night he made a startling admission. "The reason Drew is in this position tonight is my fault," said Cowell, typically adverse to any second-guessing or display of weakness. "I take total responsibility. I genuinely believe you deserve a second chance. I'm begging these two [judges] to give her another chance."

But, alas, Cowell's fellow judges cast their votes against Drew and Cowell seemed ready to storm off the set, getting up from his chair with an angry look and taking the stage to console his charge while staring daggers at his fellow panelists and angrily ignoring host Steve Jones' requests for comment.

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