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Gegard Mousasi Shows Off His Striking, Shinya Aoki Does Not

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Two mixed martial artists had very different results when they took on kickboxers at the New Year's Eve Dynamite!! event in Japan, as Gegard Mousasi put on a striking clinic in beating K-1 heavyweight champion Kyotaro, while Shinya Aoki was knocked out by Yuichiro Nagashima.

Mousasi is first and foremost an MMA fighter, but he showed once again that he has K-1-level striking. Mousasi was nothing short of sensational in beating Kyotaro, knocking down the Japanese champ in the second round with a beautiful combination of punches. It was the second time Mousasi has beaten an experienced K-1 veteran under K-1 rules on a New Year's Eve card in Japan; Mousasi also beat the Japanese kickboxer Musashi two years ago.


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UFC 125 Predictions

by Michael David SmithGray Maynard will battle Frankie Edgar in the main event of UFC 125.The UFC tries to make its annual New Year's show one of the biggest fight cards of the year, but for the second straight year, the New Year's card has taken some big hits because of injuries, and UFC 125 is an average pay-per-view, not a great one.

What: UFC 125: Resolution

When: Saturday, the pay-per-view starts at 10 PM ET

Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

Predictions on the five pay-per-view fights are below.


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Frankie Edgar at the UFC 125 pre-fight press conference

Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar discusses his upcoming title defense against Gray Maynard at UFC 125: Resolution Frankie Edgar at the UFC 125 pre-fight press conference is a post from: MMA Interplay UFC News

Frankie Edgar at the UFC 125 pre-fight press conference is a post from: MMA Interplay UFC News


Crosley Gracie Gregor Gracie Ralek Gracie

Things to look for when trying a new school?

What tips would you give for someone who is trying out a new school/gym.

Are there any major things to look out for?

For example should I check to make sure the mats they use look like they...


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Anthony Pettis, Lyoto Machida, and More Proving That The Traditional Martial Arts Can Help In The Cage

What did�the initial UFC’s have in common?� Beyond the dominance of Royce Gracie and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, they also all served to denounce the traditional martial arts styles to some extent.� Let’s face it, a few things became abundantly clear early on.� First, if you couldn’t grapple, you couldn’t fight, at least not in a [...]


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Roller coaster of ?Truth?: The ups and downs of Brandon Vera

Brandon Vera will face Thiago Silva in his 12th UFC fight on Saturday at UFC 125. Vera knows the ups and downs of the UFC like few other fighters.

Early Career Hill: After wrestling for Old Dominion University and the United States Air Force, Vera tried MMA and started his career with two quick wins. He then didn't fight again until the pre-Zuffa WEC heavyweight tournament. Vera won that with TKOs of Mike Whitehead and Fabiano Scherner.

Great Mountain of 2006: Vera started off his career in the Octagon in style. In 2006, he rattled off three straight first-round knockouts of Assuerio Silva, Justin Eilers, and the one that really made his name, Frank Mir.

Valley of the Heavyweights: The Mir win was supposed to give Vera a title shot, but a contract dispute kept him out of the Octagon for nearly a year. His return was wrecked by Tim Sylvia, who took a decision from him, and then Fabricio Werdum, who TKOed him in the first round.

Light Heavy Hill: After those losses, Vera realized that despite his height, he was not a heavyweight. His first fight at 205 pounds was decent: a decision over Reese Andy at Fight Night 14. 

Valley of the Mean Dean: Light heavyweight didn't stay so welcoming for Vera. Keith Jardine -- at the time, one of the hotter prospects in the UFC's 205-pound division -- took a split decision from Vera at UFC 89.

Back in the W Column Hill: Vera needed wins to keep his job, and he got them over Michael Patt, a TKO by leg kicks at UFC 96, and Krysztof Soszynszki, a decision at UFC 102.

Valley of the Main Event: Vera's last two fights have been main events and losses. First, he dropped a disputed decision to MMA legend Randy Couture at UFC 105. Next, he became part of the Jon Jones highlight reel, losing a TKO after Jones delivered a massive elbow that broke Vera's face in three places.

This leads him to the UFC 125 bout with Silva, a fight that will either right the course for Vera or give him his third loss in a row. Will we see a hill or a valley out of the Truth this weekend?


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Aoki vs. Nagashima....bahahahahahaha (spoiler)

I couldn't bring myself to post in aussjj's thread because he apparently has sympathy for Aoki and feels bad for him losing.

As for me, while I can concede that Aoki is a submission wizard, after...


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HYDEN BLOG: Wanderlei vs. Leben, Jim Miller, The Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix, and An Amazing Stat About Georges St. Pierre

By; Frank Hyden, MMATorch contributor

From an excitement standpoint, I'm much more interested in seeing Wanderlei Silva fight Chris Leben. However, from a title picture viewpoint, I'm more interested in seeing Silva fight Chael Sonnen. Silva vs. Leben would be an entertaining brawl, but the winner would be several fights from a title shot, while the winner of Silva vs. Sonnen could be one or possibly two wins away from a title shot. I would go with Silva vs. Leben as soon as possible, still leaving open the possibility of Silva fighting Sonnen at a later date, after Sonnen's suspension is over.


Jim Miller wants to fight Kenny Florian, Sean Sherk, or George Sotiropoulos, and all three options sound good to me. I think a fight with Sotiropoulos makes the most sense, but I'd be good with Florian or Sherk being Miller's next match-up. Miller is a good fighter, though I don't think he deserves a title shot just yet; but if he beats any of these three guys he definitely deserves consideration. The lightweight division in the UFC is extremely crowded, and it's going to take a lot for guys to get a title shot. There's no shortage of quality contenders, so the pressure is on for these guys to stand out somehow. Miller kneebaring Charles Oliveira in the first round in his last fight definitely makes him stand out. Now he just needs another quality win over a high-level guy.


The rumored Heavyweight Grand Prix that Strikeforce might be working on sounds cool, but I'm not putting much stock into it until it's officially announced as happening. Even then I'll still have my doubts as to it actually taking place. These aren't doubts that anyone would have if this were the UFC, but Strikeforce doesn't get the benefit of the doubt here. I want to see Strikeforce do well, but they haven't earned the confidence of the fans just yet. I'd love to see Strikeforce catch up to the UFC in popularity, and I believe that'd be the best thing that could happen to MMA outside of a totally unified MMA organization where every fighter fought in the same company. However, the fact remains that Strikeforce doesn't have the track record that the UFC does when it comes to getting things done. The UFC doesn't leave much on the table undone. I remember the talk of a middleweight tournament in Strikeforce that never happened so I have to have my doubts. I hope the Heavyweight Grand Prix happens, though.


Thiago Alves has proclaimed himself to be back. He may become a force in the welterweight division, and I hope he does, as I want to see some viable competition for Georges St. Pierre. The problem is, Alves already fought GSP and lost. As it stands now, GSP is on a whole other level in comparison to the other fighters in his division, and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. I don't think Jake Shields has what it takes to beat GSP, who is so far beyond anyone when it comes to the welterweights. Josh Koscheck is a high-quality fighter and he was rendered absolutely ineffective by GSP. The same was true with Jon Fitch, B.J. Penn and Dan Hardy. Those guys are all very good fighters, but they couldn't do anything to GSP.

To truly grasp the dominance of GSP, it's important to look at not just his wins, but the rounds. In his last seven fights GSP has beaten Josh Koscheck, Dan Hardy, Thiago Alves, and Jon Fitch by five-round decisions in which GSP won all five rounds. Several of those rounds were won 10-8 as well. In those four fights, GSP won all 20 rounds handily. Mixed in with those five-round dominations were wins over B.J. Penn in which GSP won all four rounds before the stoppage, and a couple of second-round stoppages against Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. There's another eight rounds that GSP has won, bringing the total to 28 rounds.

GSP also won a decision over Josh Koscheck in their first fight as well, but two of the three judges scored that Koscheck had won a round while GSP won the other two. The third judge scored that GSP won all three rounds. Depending on how you want to look at it, GSP has either won 30 or 31 rounds in a row. That is an unbelievable achievement for any fighter. Even if you were fighting bums and tomato cans, that would still be impressive. However, GSP has been fighting the best the welterweight division has to offer. No other champion has been fighting the level of competition that GSP has, so for him to have won 30 or 31 rounds in a row is astounding. The magnitude of this accomplishment can't be overstated. Koscheck, Hardy, Alves, Fitch, Penn, Hughes, and Serra. These are high-quality fighters, but they were made impotent by GSP.

Comments and suggestions can be e-mailed to me at


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Newcomer John Makdessi Felt No Jitters in UFC Debut - UFC 124

Newcomer John Makdessi Felt No Jitters in UFC Debut Video by UFC 124


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Shalorus starts WEC 53 main card with decision win

Kamal Shalorus kicked off the main card of the last-ever WEC event with a split decision win over Bart Palaszewski. The judges saw it 30-27, 28-29 and 29-28 for Shalorus, who is 7-0-2. Palaszewski falls to 35-14.

Shalorus used his wrestling right away, taking Palaszewski down in the first round. He followed up with punishing body shots. He landed shots from standing and from the ground. Palaszewski returned to his feet in final minute, but Shalorus took advantage of the standing position and battered Palaszewski's legs.

The second round featured plenty of stand-up action. Shalorus, an international-level wrestler, preferred to stay on his feet and strike with Palaszewski. Shalorus did take the fight to the ground near the end of the round, but when Palaszewski got back to his feet, he gestured for Shalorus to bring it on.

Palaszewski used knees to try to hold off a Shalorus takedown in the final round, but Shalorus finally was able to bring the fight to the ground about halfway through the round. Palaszewski got back to his feet in the final minute and finished strong with myriad strikes. He landed a knee that appeared to rock a tired Shalorus, but he couldn't finish him off.

"I put all my strength to finish him. I made a mistake and slowed down in the first round," Shalorus said after the fight.  


Bobby Ologun Andy Ologun Alan Omer

UFC NEWS: Featherweight Josh Grispi comments on "emotional roller coaster" of opponent shake up for UFC debut

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

The end of 2010 pulled featherweight Josh Grispi in a number of directions. Initially slated to meet Erik Koch at WEC 52, Grispi was pulled from that fight to get a shot at Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo at UFC 125 when the UFC announced the merger between the two organizations.

Then, when Aldo was forced out due to injury, Grispi took a fight with replacement opponent Dustin Poirier, dropping him from the co-main event to the night's unaired preliminary card. Grispi detailed some of his thoughts on the shake-ups in an interview this week with The Boston Herald.

"It's been crazy. It's been an emotional roller coaster," Grispi said. "I was excited for the title fight, but everything was going way too good to actually happen. And then it did. He got hurt. That stuff happens and you have to be ready for it."

Grispi faced some criticism for the decision to take a replacement fight instead of waiting for Aldo to recover, but Grispi said he didn't even consider waiting for that fight initially.

"I never really asked [to wait for Aldo]," Grispi said. "[The UFC] just said, 'Hey, do you want to fight this guy?' I said, 'I don't care, I'll fight anyone.' We thought about it afterward, but you can't pull out of a fight now and say, 'I only want to fight Aldo.' I think it will be good to get a fight in there and then fight Aldo with some momentum. I'm going to be here for a while. No matter what happens, I'm going to keep fighting and get a shot at the title eventually."

"I'm going in there to fight, not to put on a show or anything. I'm really just trying to try to hurt the guy on the other side of the cage. People see that and they like that."

Link to Original Source Article

Penick's Analysis: It's a shame this fight is on the unaired preliminary card right now, and I hope the UFC finds a way to get it on the broadcast. Grispi is a very deserving featherweight challenger, but another win under his belt wouldn't hurt. Poirier is extremely dangerous, and very much could win this fight, but I'd expect to see Grispi continue on the path he's been forging for himself in the WEC and now the UFC. The kid is very talented and one of the most dangerous challenges for anyone at 145 lbs.


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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Does Frankie Edgar have any fans?

He's the guy that beat BJ and is the current UFC LW champ.

I hardly ever hear people discussing him :dunno:


Mark Hominick Choi Hong man Jeremy Horn

WEC PROGRAMMING NOTE: "WEC: Best of 2010" debuts on Versus tonight at 7PM ET

World Extreme Cagefighting has come to an end, but Versus will help you relive the best of this year tonight with the debut of "WEC: Best of 2010."

The two hour special airs tonight beginning at 7PM ET.

The full special features four fights in their entirety, including last week's final WEC main event between Anthony Pettis and Benson Henderson.

Also featured is the WEC 48 bout between Leonard Garcia and Chan Sung Jung, the WEC 49 bout between Mark Hominick and Yves Jabouin, and the WEC 50 bout between Brad Pickett and Scott Jorgensen.

Replays of the special air at midnight ET tonight and at 9PM ET on December 30.


Naoya Ogawa Sean O Haire Yushin Okami

Urijah Faber To Make UFC Debut Against Eddie Wineland At UFC 128



Marcus Silveira Aaron Simpson Wes Sims

MMATORCH POLL: What is the best fight in WEC history?

What is the best fight in Zuffa era WEC history?
Anthony Pettis vs. Benson Henderson (WEC 53)
Mark Hominick vs. Yves Jabouin (WEC 49)
Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung (WEC 48)
Donald Cerrone vs. Ben Henderson (WEC 43)
Urijah Faber vs. Mike Brown II (WEC 41)
Miguel Torres vs. Takeya Mizugaki (WEC 40)
Rob McCullough vs. Donald Cerrone (WEC 36)
Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver I (WEC 34)
Miguel Torres vs. Yoshiro Maeda (WEC 34)


Gary Goodridge Gerard Gordeau Jonathan Goulet

Urijah Faber Vs. Eddie Wineland On Tap For UFC 128 On March 18th

Urijah Faber will make his UFC debut across the cage from Eddie Wineland at UFC 128 on March 18th according to a report from

Contracts have not been signed for the contest but verbal agreements are in place for the Bantemweight contest that is likely be be part of the main card of the UFC 128 PPV.<br><br>

Both fighters are coming off wins heading into the bout and could put themselves into contention for the a shot at Bantemweight Champion Dominick Cruz with a win.<br><Br>


Luiz Azeredo  Luciano Azevedo  Ba Te er 

Edgar's Road to 125 - Part Three


Yushin Okami Bobby Ologun Andy Ologun

Clarification On Brock Lesnar?s ?Exit Strategy? From The UFC

It appears that summary of Dave Meltzer’s radio show where he talked about Brock Lesnar’s “exit strategy” from the UFC wasn’t entirely accurate. In the video above, Meltzer tells Yahoo! Sports’ Steve Cofield that was pretty angry with how his words were twisted into Brock Lesnar wanting to leave the UFC for the WWE, but [...]


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WEC 53: Donald Cerrone Submits Chris Horodecki

by Michael David SmithDonald Cerrone showed off a great display of fighting from his back Thursday at WEC 53, spending most of the second round controlling Chris Horodecki from the bottom before eventually getting him to tap out to a triangle choke.

Cerrone thanked his coach afterward.

"Thanks to Greg Jackson," Cerrone said. "Always pushing, always giving us words of wisdom to keep us motivated. I've got to give it all to Greg Jackson."


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Mike Tyson helping Vitor Belfort prepare for Anderson Silva

Vitor Belfort finds inspiration outside of mixed martial arts, even has he prepares to meet Anderson Silva for the middleweight title at UFC 126 on Feb. 5 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las...


Mark Hunt Brad Imes Enson Inoue

March UFC Events Add Roller vs. Tavares, Barboza vs. Njokuani, McCorkle vs. Morecraft

The UFC's March fight cards are filling up quickly, as former WEC contender Shane Roller faces lightweight Thiago Tavares at UFC on Versus 3, undefeated Brazilian lightweight Edson Barzoa takes on WEC vet Anthony Njokuani at UFC 128, and heavyweights Sean McCorkle and Christian Morecraft meet at UFC Fight Night 24.


Jeremy Jackson Quinton Rampage Jackson Jaime Jara

UPDATE: Brendan Schaub sets sights on Mirko Filipovic in March

After months of speculation spurred by public statements from the involved individuals lead the MMA community to believe rising heavyweight Brendan Schaub would be facing former UFC champion Frank Mir in his next fight, it turns out the Ultimate Fighter Season 10 alumnus will apparently square off against PRIDE veteran Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic in [...]


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MMA look-alikes: Jim Miller and Yukon Cornelius

Jim Miller's red beard powered his win over Charles Oliveira at UFC 124. Yukon Cornelius' red beard powered him through a snowy winter as he helped guide Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Hermey the Elf Dentist through the snow. Both found success in the cold and snow and will likely have a very nice holiday because of those winnings. For Miller, it's $50,000 for a Submission of the Night bonus. Yukon Cornelius is all about the silver and gold. 


Cung Le Chris Leben Thales Leites

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Danzig knocks out Joe &quot;Daddy&quot; at UFC 124

Mac Danzig made quick work of Joe Stevenson at UFC 124 in Montreal, knocking Joe "Daddy" out midway through the first round.

The two were still feeling each other out in the first round when Stevenson charged in to punch Danzig with an uppercut, but Danzig caught him on the jaw with a left hook. Stevenson stiffened and fell straight to the ground. Danzig pounced on Stevenson but referee Dan Miragliotta jumped in quickly, stopping the bout at 1:54 in the first round.

Both men are "The Ultimate Fighter" winners, and this bout was thought to be a "win-or-go-home" bout. This is Stevenson's second loss in a row, as he lost to another TUF alum, George Sotiropoulos, in February. Danzig has had a rough run, battling both losses and injuries to get to this bout. Before this fight, he was 3-4 in the UFC, and one of his wins was in the TUF final.


Jorge Gurgel Andre Gusmao Alexander Gustafsson

Dana White Announces Chuck Liddell?s Retirement, Welcomes Him To The UFC Executive Management Team



Joe Lauzon Mo Lawal Ruthless Robbie Lawler

Dana White post UFC 124 talks whats next for GSP and Disses Strikeforce - Dana White

Dana White post UFC 124 talks whats next for GSP and Disses Strikeforce Video by Dana White


Jason Grace Crosley Gracie Gregor Gracie

ROUNDTABLE: Which of the UFC's Champions is most likely to lose their title in 2011? Hansen, Hyden, Hobaugh, Williams and Penick

Of the current Champions in the UFC, which is most likely to lose their title in 2011, and who will take it from them?


Frank Edgar is going to lose his title to Gray Maynard, approximately 23 hours into 2011 (Central Time). �I think that's a record that will stand for all time.


My first thought is to go with one of the lighter weight classes because those divisions are so stacked that's it's easy for a champion to be dethroned. However, I'll go with Cain Velasquez losing the Heavyweight Title. I think Junior Dos Santos will surprise a lot of people when he handles Velasquez and takes the belt. JDS is very underrated and he's going to prove that when he beats Velasquez.


Of the current Champions - Dominick Cruz at bantamweight, Jose Aldo at featherweight, Frankie Edgar at lightweight, Georges St. Pierre at welterweight, Anderson Silva at middleweight, Mauricio Rua at light heavyweight and Cain Velasquez at heavyweight - Frankie Edgar is the most likely to lose his title. I think Gray Maynard has the best chance to beat Frankie Edgar for his title because of his wrestling.� The outcome will be similar to the April 2008 fight in which Gray won a three round unanimous decision.�


Frankie Edgar.� Even if he doesn't lose it on the first day of the new year to Gray Maynard (and my bet is he will), he appears to be the weakest of the UFC champions.� It doesn't help him either that he might fight three times in 2011 (since his first fight is so early in the year) while several other titlists will likely only fight twice.��


I think Frankie Edgar is getting sold far too short heading into UFC 125 this weekend, and I think he finds a way to avenge the only loss on his record against Gray Maynard. And actually, I think the two champions most at risk to losing their title first are the UFC's two newest champions in Dominick Cruz and Jose Aldo. Cruz is likely going to meet Urijah Faber next, a man who already holds a win over him. Aldo, while he's an incredible fighter, will be returning from an injury, and will likely meet the second most dangerous fighter in the featherweight division in Josh Grispi should Grispi defeat Dustin Poirier this Saturday. It's highly possible that all of the UFC's current champions remain title holders by the end of 2011, but I think the lighter weight classes are going to present the toughest roads to retention during the year.


Rey Phillip Santos Bob Sapp Rumina Sato

UFC 125: Chris Leben doesn't have to go home, but he's gotta get the heck up outta here


Frank Mir Andrei Arlovski Tim Sylvia

Adieu Varner and Horodecki: Lightweight heads roll after final WEC

Not exactly the parting shot Varner was hoping for.

Jamie Varner and Chris Horodecki are the latest victims of one of the few downsides of the UFC/WEC merger: The promotion can only have so many fighters on a roster at once. The merger means the traditional post-fight cuts will be brutal, particularly in the lightweight division, which was supported by both the UFC and WEC.

Varner lost the WEC lightweight to Ben Henderson at the beginning of the year via a third-round submission that Varner mocked. The rest of 2010 was just as tough, as he fought to a draw with Kamal Shalorus, lost a grudge match to bitter rival Donald Cerrone and then was submitted by Shane Roller. Still, it's shocking to see a fighter go from the champ to unemployed in a year's time. From on Tuesday:

Jamie stated, “I am ready for 2011, there will be some changes in my game. It has been a nice ride with the WEC but its time for a change. Perhaps UFC will be in my future down the road...We shall see!”

Less shocking is Horodecki's cut. Though he was 2-2 in the WEC, his losses were spectacular. "The Polish Hammer's" debut in the WEC was wrecked by Anthony Njokuani's highlight-reel kick to the face. Horodecki won his next two, but then was submitted by a Cerrone triangle choke at WEC 53.

This is the reality of the post-merger UFC. In the past, a fighter would only be concerned about being cut if he lost two in a row, but now, every performance counts. Adieu, Polish Hammer and Varner. Horodecki, we'll miss that Goonies-esque face, and Varner, what will MMA be without you and Cerrone calling each other unsavory names? 


Sean Sherk Katsuyori Shibata Jake Shields

Strikeforce Champ Nick Diaz Signs Multi-Year Contract Extension

Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz has signed a new multi-year deal to remain with Strikeforce ahead of his Jan. 29 title defense against Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos in the main event on Showtime, the promotion announced Tuesday.


Wes Soldier Combs  Ray Cooper  Kit Cope 

Keith Jardine reaches out to federal law enforcement for help in overseas fiasco

Sadly, as Mixed Martial Arts continues to grow in popularity so too will the number of less-than savory characters involved on the promotional end of things hoping to exploit the sport and its participants for a quick profit. A recent example of such a situation involved a show called ?Nemesis MMA ? Global Invasion? in [...]


Mauricio Rua Dave Menne Murilo Bustamante

Sean McCorkle: I May Not Be the Better Fighter, But I'm Better Looking Than Struve - UFC 124

Sean McCorkle: I May Not Be the Better Fighter, But I'm Better Looking Than Struve Video by UFC 124


Ken Shamrock Dan Severn Tank Abbott

UFC 125 ?Resolution? Pre-Fight Interview: Chris Leben



Martin Kampmann Denis Kang Georgi Karakhanyan

UFC 124 Post-fight press conference: Who's next for GSP?

-- For the first time, the UFC allowed the fans to vote for the Fight of the Night, and that $100,000 bonus was given to Georges St. Pierre and Josh Koscheck by the fans. Mark Bocek and Jim Miller split the Submission of the Night bonus, each taking home an extra $50,000. Bocek's was for a triangle choke of Dustin Hazelett, while Miller won his bonus for slapping a kneebar on Charles Oliveira. Mac Danzig was awarded the $100,000 Knockout of the Night bonus for his quick KO of Joe Stevenson.

-- Dana White said he believed it was the Pierson/Riddle fight should have won the fight of the night, and the UFC will take care of those fighters. He also said that the fans blew their chance by voting in GSP/Koscheck, so they won't get another chance to vote in FOTN. Later, White told GSP that he owed Pierson, his training partner, $100,000 dollars.

-- Montreal delivered again, with 23,152 fans packing into the Bell Centre, bringing in one of the largest North American gates ever of $4.58 million. This was the fourth UFC event in Montreal.

-- The biggest winner of the night may have been Mike Dolce, the man behind the Dolce Diet, for helping Thiago Alves move past his weight problems. Alves said that getting on the Dolce Diet was not just a change in his diet, but a change in lifestyle, and that made the difference in how he fought against John Howard.

-- When asked about a possible GSP-Anderson Silva super fight, White was non-committal, saying "We'll see what happens." GSP said that he needs to check it out, because if he were to move up, he needs to gain muscle and stay up at middleweight. He pointed out how the weight class movement affected the timing of Roy Jones, Jr., and he doesn't want to move back and forth between weight classes.

-- GSP seemed open to fighting Jake Shields. "I like watching him fight, he's very meticulous, he beat up everyone at 170 and 185, I think he's amazing," GSP said about Shields. "He's probably the number one contender right now for my title."

-- GSP spoke about his post-fight embrace with Koscheck, saying that Kos apologized and said the trash was to hype up a fight. GSP thanked him for coming and fighting in Montreal. "In the end, we need a good guy, we need a bad guy, and it's a business," GSP said.

-- Jim Miller is often not regarded as one of the UFC's best lightweights, despite the fact that's he only lost to Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard, two men fighting for the lightweight title. He said it does bother him, because he believes he is the No. 3 guy.

"It does eat at me a little bit. It does bother me," he said. He hopes to get another chance at Edgar and Maynard. "I want revenge. I want to beat those guys. Even though Frankie and I are friends, it was fun when we fought the last time. It will be fun the second time."


Fedor Emelianenko Yasubey Enomoto Mark Epstein

5 Reasons to Watch Strikeforce "Challengers 13"

Although the shows usually only make waves in certain circles, Strikeforce is set to hold its thirteenth ?Challengers? event a little over a week from now, on January 7. Most MMA fans are focused on this week?s double-stuffed weekend, which will see the DREAM/K-1 super-show ?DYNAMITE!! 2010? go down on New Year?s Eve, with UFC [...]


Chris The Pitbull Myra Jason MacDonald Cory MacDonald

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

STRIKEFORCE NEWS: Herschel Walker confirmed for January 29 show, no opponent named yet

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

After a cut suffered in training forced him out of a December 4 bout with Scott Carson on Showtime, Herschel Walker will now make his return to the sport of MMA on January 29, according to a report from

Per the report, Scott Coker confirmed Walker's involvement during a radio appearance in San Jose, Calif.

With the 40 year old Carson not getting re-booked he remains a possibility as Walker's next opponent, though that has not yet been determined for the event, which will air live on Showtime from the HP Pavilion in San Jose.

The 48 year old Walker made his MMA debut for Strikeforce in January of this year, defeating Greg Nagy by TKO. A former Olympian, Heisman Trophy winner and longtime NFL running back, Walker will look to go 2-0 in this latest athletic endeavor on January 29.

Link to Original Source Article

Penick's Analysis: I still remain in the camp that doesn't like the fact that Walker's inclusion on a card means someone else gets slighted a televised spot. When they've had difficulties booking a lot of their fighters on a regular basis as it is, and there has been some dissension from those that want to be more active, giving a spot to a 48 year old former football player doesn't exactly help boost the morale of those not getting fights. Still, they'll attempt to use his inclusion on the card to boost up viewership for the event, and they'll hope to get some mainstream press much like they did with Walker's debut last January. However, they should expect diminishing returns on that investment because part of the intrigue last year was the fact that it was his first MMA bout ever. Now, it's been done, we've seen it, and no one will be expecting much different the second time around.


Grant Campbell  Gesias JZ Calvancante  Luiz Cane 

Fitch Plans To Grind Down Penn, Says He'll Beat GSP Second Time

Jon Fitch is trying to make the UFC brass take notice and give him another chance at the UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre, who he tells Fight Week he would beat if they meet up a second time, but he'll have to get through BJ Penn at UFC 127 first:<br><br>

"I just need an impressive performance, more of myself grinding out beat downs and being more aggressive for the finish and just putting a lot of pressure on (B.J.) Penn."<br><br>

"As you could see from the first fight (against Georges St. Pierre), I gave him a better fight than anybody else."<br><br>

"I have vast improvement in my stand up game, my Jiu-Jitsu game is off the charts right now, and I?m just a better fighter all around, and the second time that we match up I?ll beat him."<br><br>


Randy Couture Bas Rutten Kevin Randleman

Ricardo Almeida 'Really Not Happy' With UFC 124 Win - UFC 124

Ricardo Almeida 'Really Not Happy' With UFC 124 Win Video by UFC 124


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Programming reminder: FieLDS Dynamite!! 2010 'Fight Festival' airs live via HDNet on Dec. 31


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More fallout from WEC 53: Jamie Varner informs that he too has been released...


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UFC NEWS: UFC planning three returns to Canada for pay-per-view in 2011

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

The UFC ran three events in Canada in 2010, making their way twice more to Montreal and breaking into Vancouver, British Columbia for the first time. Now, according to a report from, Canadian fans can expect another three pay-per-view cards in 2011 if all goes as planned.

UFC director of Canadian operations Tom Wright spoke with the site and revealed the plans for the upcoming year.

"Right now, we've only confirmed Toronto,? he said. ?We're working on Vancouver again, and obviously we'd love to come back to Montreal, it's a great town."

"We're looking to have three again in Canada next year," said Wright. "So three of the global pay-per-views, that's 20 percent. Not a bad number."

Link to Original Source Article

Penick's Analysis: The Canadian fans have provided some of the largest and most raucous crowds for the UFC, so it's no surprise that the UFC will continue to bring events as often as possible up to Canada. The Toronto event in April is going to be huge, and the UFC has already set records on three separate occasions at the Bell Centre. 2011 is going to be a big year for the organization overall, and increasing their reach in Canada is just one step towards their continually lofty goals.


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Plenty at Stake for Henderson and Pettis


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Chris Leben UFC 125 video blog (Episode 4)



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UFC QUOTABLES: Wanderlei Silva says he "killed" Chael Sonnen in training once, still wants Chris Leben fight

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

"[Chris] Leben is a really good opponent. He's got a style like my style, he likes to fight. He's not afraid to fight toe-to-toe, he's a good opponent. He's gonna fight on the next UFC, if he wins I want to fight him?With [Chael] Sonnen, he is more a wrestler, I think he's a good fight for me too. I trained with him one time at Xtreme Couture and I killed him there. I think he is a good opponent, too. He's tough? I think it's fun, no? Because sometimes I talk, we talk, its making the fight more interesting? I like to talk about my opponents, no problem. I am not afraid of anybody. I've fought with heavyweights, light-heavyweights? for me it's no problem, I fight with all."

-Wanderlei Silva talks to The Fight Network about a couple of potential opponents upon his return to action in the UFC in 2011.

Penick's Analysis: Sonnen and Silva have ramped up the trash talking on Twitter over the last few weeks since Sonnen's hearing with the CSAC, and it's highly likely the UFC is looking at that fight first. However, Silva said he wanted to return on the Toronto card on April 30, leaving plenty of recovery time for Chris Leben should he defeat Brian Stann at UFC 125 on New Year's Day. For Silva I think the Leben fight would be more up his alley, because it's a guarantee that Sonnen would be looking to bring the fight to the ground while, as Silva said, Leben would be willing to go toe-to-toe with him. That said, Silva said he's working on his wrestling as well and trying to improve that part of his game so he can dictate where a fight takes place. Whomever the UFC chooses as his opponent, Silva's return should make for an exciting fight.

[Wanderlei Silva art by Cory Gould (c)]


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Dan Hornbuckle (22-3) was pulled from his fight against Ryo Chonan (18-11) at Sengoku: "Soul of...


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UFC Targeting Dan Hardy vs. Anthony Johnson in March

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Welterweights Dan Hardy and Anthony Johnson have verbally agreed to square off in March, MMA Fighting has learned from sources close to the fight.

The front-runner event to host the bout is Ultimate Fight Night 24 on March 26. Although not officially announced by the organization, that card is expected to take place in Seattle, Wash. The UFC is also expected to hold events on March 3 and March 19.


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MMA in the Olympics? Fighter's Unions? Herschel Walker Gives His Insight on Two Topics With No Easy Answers

Former football great Herschel Walker remains one of the most quizzically polarizing fighters currently competing under the strikeforce banner. Despite showing the utmost respect for the sport to the point of being accepted into one of its premiere camps, the American Kickboxing Academy, cynics still consider him a ?freak-show? fighter. Despite donating all the money [...]


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Monday, December 27, 2010

UFC 125 "Resolution" Picks and Predictions

UFC 125 ?Resolution? features an incredible cast of UFC performers. Throughout the course of one night, we?ll see wrestlers, strikers, grapplers, submission specialists, and talented all-rounders from many different weight divisions. And in the main event, Frank Edgar defends the UFC Lightweight Championship against Gray Maynard. As is customary when a big card is just [...]


Jaime Jara Keith Jardine Antoine Jaoude's John Morgan on "The Fight Show" with Mauro Ranallo today lead staff reporter John Morgan is a guest on today's edition of "The Fight Show with Mauro Ranallo."

With Ranallo on vacation for the holidays, Morgan joins Arda Orcal for a year-end review to discuss some of the highs and lows in the sport of mixed martial arts over the past 12 months.

Catch the segment at 2:35 p.m. ET (11:35 a.m. PT) on The Score, which is available on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 98 or online at


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UFC NEWS: Tito Ortiz vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira headlining UFC Fight Night 24 on March 26 in Seattle

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

UFC Fight Night 24 has a headliner, as reports that the Tito Ortiz vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira bout, originally thought to be taking place at UFC 128, will main event the March 26 card.

In addition to the headliner, the MMAJunkie report states that the event is expected to take place from Seattle, Wash.

The card will be the UFC's first event in the state, and though no venue has been determined, it is likely to take place at the KeyArena. The venue has a capacity of 17,000 spectators.

Ortiz is getting one final shot to pick up a win in the UFC, as he has posted a 0-4-1 mark since 2006. Most recently he lost a decision to Matt Hamill at UFC 121 in October.

Nogueira is looking to bounce back from a loss himself, as he was defeated by Ryan Bader by decision at UFC 119 in September. That loss snapped a seven fight win streak.

Link to Original Source Article

Penick's Analysis: With Ortiz's current contract, having him headline this event brings down their overall payroll for the UFC 128 card in New Jersey, and still puts a bigger name on free television. With his 0-4-1 record over the last four years, it was probably best not to make people pay for this fight. For Nogueira, a win will keep him near the top of the heap in the light heavyweight division, although it will just be treading water. But this fight is huge for Ortiz, as a loss likely puts an end to his UFC tenure for good. Meanwhile, a win will snap a four year winless streak and allow him to continue fighting in the organization and continue to make the money he's commanding with his current contract.


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When will Nelson fight? This video only confuses more

Roy Nelson is on the shelf for a while or is he? Inside MMA needed to bring Roger Cossack on board to navigate this story. Nelson is being sued by Square Ring Inc. for a contract signed before his fight against Jeff Monson in March of 2009. Nelson then accepted a slot on Season 9 of "The Ultimate Fighter." That's where things get fuzzy.

Apparently, SRI believes it holds promotional rights for Nelson and the fighter violated the deal by working out a deal with Zuffa. But there's a lot more to the story that the casual viewer should know.

The IMMA interview is incredibly misleading in several ways. Roy Jones is made into the villain. That's really not the case. Square Ring Inc. is a legitimate promoter in the world of boxing, so it's not Jones simply trying to screw over the MMA fighter.

Secondly, Nelson was working in a matchmaking capacity for the promotion after his March of 2009 fight. According to the Fight Lawyer blog, Square Ring built its lawsuit around a short conversation between the UFC's Marc Ratner and Nelson at a May 2009 MMA event in Primm, Nev. 

On or about May 24, 2009, Defendant's Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs, Mr. Marc Ratner, attended the Primm Event. Plaintiff s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. John Wirt, spoke with Mr. Ratner at the Primm Event and told Mr. Ratner that Mr. Nelson was not only assisting SRI's matchmaker for the MMA bouts on the Primm Event, but also that Mr. Nelson was under contract with SRI as a fighter. Mr. Ratner also spoke separately with Mr. Nelson while at the Primm Event.

In the end, it sounds like the lawyers have to figure out some cash settlement Nelson will have to send the way of Square Ring.

Check out the interview and then read the take from the Fight Lawyer. SRI probably has a case and Nelson is far from a fighter getting bullied by Jones. Hopefully, the financial terms can be worked out quickly so Nelson can get back into the Octagon sooner rather than later. Because of his fighting style, appearance and ability to promote a fight, just about every high level UFC heavyweight is calling out the mulleted-mammoth. Nelson's tale should serve as a lesson to all MMA fighters outside the UFC. Get a lawyer before you sign any contract!


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UFC NEWS: Kurt Pellegrino vs. Gleison Tibau on tap for UFC 129 in New Jersey in March

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

UFC lightweight and New Jersey native Kurt Pellegrino will fight in his home state for the second straight year, as he posted on Twitter on Wednesday that he'll meet Gleison Tibau on March 19, 2011, at what is currently UFC 129.

The event is expected to take place from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, and will be headlined by the Light Heavyweight Championship bout between Rashad Evans and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua.

Pellegrino will return for the first time since a loss to George Sotiropoulos at UFC 116 in July. That was his second bout of 2010, as he had picked up his fourth straight win in the UFC's return to New Jersey this March with a submission win over Fabricio Camoes.

Tibau as well is looking to bounce back from a loss himself, suffered at the hands of Jim Miller by decision at Fight Night 22 in September. The eleven year veteran holds a 7-5 record in 11 appearances in the UFC.

Penick's Analysis: This is an interesting matchup in this division. With Pellegrino being a New Jersey native, his participation on this card was almost an inevitability, but he's gotten a hell of a tough draw in Tibau here. Despite a near .500 record in the Octagon, Tibau is a dangerous striker and a really big lightweight fighter. He's also only lost to really tough competition himself at the time of his UFC losses. That said, Pellegrino's a very adept submission specialist, and a good overall grappler. This is going to be an interesting matchup, and should be a good fight for this card in New Jersey.


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How likely is a controversial decision in the Edgar/Maynard fight?

With Edgar having a slight striking advantage and Maynard having a slight wrestling advantage, what are the chances this fight ends in a...


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WEC PROGRAMMING NOTE: WEC 53 replay, complete with Anthony Pettis' off-the-cage kick, airs on Versus tonight

If you missed one of the best fights of the year on Thursday night between Benson Henderson and Anthony Pettis at WEC 53, you're in luck. The replay of the event airs on Versus tonight at 11 PM ET. Pettis defeated Henderson by unanimous decision in the main event, leaving a lasting impression with his springboard kick off the cage in the fifth round. If you haven't seen it yet, tune in tonight to the replay.


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Kos Doesn't Care About GSP's Record


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Palhares Versus Alexandre Ferreira Tapped For UFC Live 3

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer</B><BR><BR>

Once Brazilian Top Team training partners, Rousimar Palhares and Alexandre Ferreira will now lock horns within the UFC?s octagon.<BR><BR>

The proposed clash has been verbally agreed on by both parties, but a contract has yet to be signed by either side.<BR><BR>

Palhares will be returning after a technical knockout loss to middleweight contender Nate Marquardt at Fight Night 22. The Brazilian submission specialist has amassed a 4-2 record for the promotion, and holds significant victories over Jeremy Horn and Tomasz Drwal. His professional record stands at 11-3.<BR><BR>

Ferreira made his promotional debut at UFC 122, where he was struck into submission by Vladimir Matyushenko midway through the first round. Prior to the loss, Ferreira was riding an impressive seven fight win streak; a second loss for the promotion could see the Brazilian exit the octagon a last time, winless for the American promotion. Ferreira?s professional record stands at 18-6.<BR><BR>


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MMA Top 10 Pound-for-Pound: GSP Stays on Top

by Michael David SmithGeorges St. Pierre remains the best fighter in all of mixed martial arts, regardless of weight class.

There are arguments, to be sure, for other fighters, namely middleweight champ Anderson Silva or featherweight champ Jose Aldo, getting the No. 1 spot. Most of those arguments center around the fact that Silva and Aldo are finishers, while St. Pierre tends to win decisions.

I'm sympathetic to those arguments, but what St. Pierre does in his decision victories is amazing: In his four decisions as the UFC welterweight champion, the 12 judges have turned in scorecards of 50-45, 50-45, 50-45, 50-43, 50-44, 50-45, 50-44, 50-45, 50-45, 50-44, 50-44 and 50-43. It doesn't get more dominant than that.

So St. Pierre remains on top. Find out the rest of the Top 10 below.


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Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Tito Ortiz headlines UFC Fight Night 24 in Seattle

A light-heavyweight matchup between Brazilian veteran Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and UFC legend Tito Ortiz is getting main-event treatment in March. has learned that the contest, which originally was thought to be scheduled for UFC 128, instead will headline UFC Fight Night 24.

While officials have not formally announced UFC Fight Night 24, the event is expected to take place March 26 in Seattle and air on the UFC's longtime cable partner, Spike TV.


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'Mayhem' Miller continues his 'Don't be scared, homey' campaign

Jason "Mayhem" Miller really wants to fight Nick Diaz. He wants the bout so much that he's started a website devoted to the cause and has endorsed this video to help get the bout. (Warning: NSFW for language and multiple middle fingers.)

These two can't stand each other, going back to April, when Miller jumped in the cage after Diaz's teammate, Jake Shields, won the Strikeforce middleweight belt. A melee ensued, and the two also reportedly almost came to blows after Diaz's June bout with K.J. Noons.

What's the hold-up? Weight. Diaz is Strikeforce's welterweight champ, but has fought at higher catchweights. Miller is a middleweight. The lowest he will go is 183 lbs., while the highest Diaz will go is 178 lbs. 

Miller can make all the videos and websites in the world, but until the two can get past a five-pound difference, the fight's not going to happen. 


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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mike Pyle vs. Ricardo Almeida targeted for UFC 128 in New Jersey

A welterweight bout between Mike Pyle and Ricardo Almeida will be part of March's UFC 128 event.

A source close to the event told verbal agreements are in place for the fight, which first reported.

Although not officially announced by the organization, UFC 128 is expected to take place March 19 at the Prudential Center in Newark and air on pay-per-view.


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STRIKEFORCE NEWS: Nominees announced for Strikeforce "Best of 2010" awards, fan voting begins

Strikeforce on Monday announced that fan votes will determine their 2010 award winners in several categories, from "Rising Star of the Year" to "Fighter of the Year." Fans can go to to place their votes.

Here are the categories and the nominees (there is a write-in option for each category):

Knockout of the Year

* Robbie Lawler KO?s Melvin Manhoef
* Sarah Kaufman KO?s Roxanne Modafferi
* Robbie Lawler KO?s Matt Lindland
* Paul Daley KO?s Scott Smith

Submission of the Year

* Roger Gracie Subs Kevin Randleman
* Fabricio Werdum Subs Fedor Emelianenko
* Ryan Couture Subs Lucas Stark
* Marloes Coenen Subs Sarah Kaufman

Rising Star of the Year

* Daniel Cormier
* Miesha Tate
* Tarec Saffiedine
* Ovince St. Preux
* Tyron Woodley

Upset of the Year

* Fabricio Werdum defeats Fedor Emelianenko
* Chad Griggs defeats Bobby Lashley
* Rafael Feijao defeats Mo Lawal

Female Fighter of the Year

* Cris Cyborg
* Marloes Coenen
* Sarah Kaufman
* Miesha Tate

Male Fighter of the Year
* Nick Diaz
* Gilbert Melendez
* Rafael Feijao
* Jacare Souza
* Alistair Overeem
* Fabricio Werdum

Fight of the Year

* Rafael Feijao vs Mo Lawal
* Nick Diaz vs. KJ Noons II
* Billy Evangelista vs. Waachiim Spiritwolf
* Antonio Silva vs. Mike Kyle


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